Concinnate Partners 360° Security Platform is powered by iSightsTM that helps you Study, Assess and Adapt security solutions for your business based on the economic outcomes you expect. iSightsTM is an analytical dashboard that will assist in spotting trends and patterns in your business security.

A visual guide that gives you comprehensive analytics for predictive security management.


Powered by iSightsTM, Concinnate Partners will help you in
  • Monitoring & Big Data Analytics You will get a complete 360° view of events across Assets, Data Applications, Containers and Processes. You will be able to study the effectiveness of your security solutions and understand how your security investments are working to keep your assets safe.
  • Predictive Modelling We are moving into Predictive Security Models for Event Co-relation, Risk Mapping and Threat Assessment that will help in ensuring that we never have to suffer loss due to security lapses.
  • Deep Learning Capabilities Once you understand your security needs it is important to be agile and move from Check and Controls System to a Learning, Adapting and Active Security Management system that will grow with you in an intelligent manner.


Smarter Surveillance

Assessing threat landscape and creating an actionable plan

Security breaches have to be prevented at all points of access both physical and digital. The complexity of ensuring that no point is left unsecured requires a game plan that is comprehensive and proactive.
Modern enterprise access control and surveillance technology will strengthen the detection and response capabilities of the enterprise with Concinnate experts
assessing your threat environment.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Improving business agility everyday

We live in an inter-connected world that gives us new opportunities for business every day. IoT has changed the security frontier with proactive risk assessment, situation security analytics and incident response systems. With the right security expert, you can keep your connected systems safe and future-proof your efforts so that you are ready to take on the next challenge.

Secure Cloud Solutions

Harmonizing the risks and rewards of secure cloud computing

Cloud computing security is a critical aspect that helps empower business strategy in today’s technology eco-system. Cloud is generally considered more secure than internal systems but we need to adopt adequate security measures of ensure that we balance the risk and reward system. Managing data and operations via cloud changes the way you do business and Concinnate experts will help guide you through a path where risk is mitigated so that you can pursue your growth opportunities.

Digital Vault Solutions

Safeguard your digital documents instantly

The document world is growing more insistence on keeping and sharing documents in a digital format. We provide an end-to-end option of storing digital assets by ensuring their safety during storage and when you need to access them for sharing.

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